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American Apparel Leather

Mainly because I can’t fit half the clothes in their store…ha! I really do like their leather products, I’ve got some cool leather clutches, carry-all pouches, a makeup bag, coin purses! I add these bags to any plain outfit for a pop of color! They last and are reasonably priced.


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Bath & Body Works Anti-Bacterial Hand Gel

When’s the last time you washed your hands? Exactly. I over indulge in using hand sanitizer, why not use the delectable favors to make your hands smell good too. They can fit in the smallest of clutches, car compartments or neatly at your desk.


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``Da Show`` aka The Movies

I know prices are nuts, I remember paying $5 bucks as a teenager (I’m not that old either) but it’s such a treat to go. So there a places you can get discount tickets from, like AAA or Costco if you’re a member OR buy in bulk at the theater, it’ll save you money in the end. Most theaters like AMC and Regal offer discount membership, you pay a fee but in the end you save money.


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