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Who is Ms. Stacy Lloyd?

I’m just a girl from Ohio, Springfield in fact. I come from a blended family, I’m the daughter of a pastor, two mothers and a set of siblings only one can envy. I fall in at number two of eight, I’m 20 years older than my baby sister! I love them all dearly.


I am a former Los Angeles resident and now call Atlanta home for the second time. I love a beach, an open road and nature in general. I really love to travel. Turned it into a part time career, writing for as a contributing travel writer. I completed my third book and pray to be published in the near future. I write a weekly inspirational blog that can be found here on this site. I’m currently working on a reality show concept and studying to become a Life Coach. I paint. I run. I play tennis. I just LOVE life.


Thanks for taking an interest in what I have going on. I hope to encourage and inspire. To be a resource to some degree. To provide insight one might not otherwise get somewhere else. Make this world a better place because I did something positive to impact it. To leave a legacy. To provoke thought. To encourage growth. To show love. To give. To initiate a smile. Peace + Love.